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There, I feel better now. Why do so many game developers keep using MochiAds anyway? Is the pay really that much better than NG Ad API?

This news is coming to me about two months late, but apparently I've had my NG account for two years now... and despite my best intentions I've only published ONE (1) crumby flash animation!

I haven't been lazy though... really, I haven't! Organic Chemistry classes suck up a lot of my time these days and the few times I do feel creative during the week I tend to spend writting, rather than making awesome Flash toons.

I'll make another flash soon for NewGrounds. I've got more than a few ideas running through my head. I'll try and get something out by 2012!

Also, I've been thinking that NG should have an evil counterpart called OldGrounds where all the contests are make-a-flash-in-24-hours things except they'll be held on holidays like New Years or Christmas. Oh, and the users don't get to vote or rate movies (only claymation noir movies allowed btw, no games or anything remotely fun) because Buzz Killington from Family Guy does all the ratings.

I think it'll be a hit...

PS: How the f*** do you make a noir film out of claymation anyway? Does Playdough even come in depressing colors?

My Shattered Colony Map

2010-10-07 23:32:20 by BeneFedaykin xhdXJpZ2Etc3F1YWRyCwsSA01hcBi_8AwM

This is purely for my own reference. If anybody wants to comment on it, go ahead though.

Death at a Funeral

2010-04-11 02:36:30 by BeneFedaykin

Attention World: I'm mad as hell about the upcoming "Death at a Funeral" movie. Why? Because it's a cheap remake of the 2007 original movie. Yeah, that's right, they've remade a movie that's only 3 years old. Not only that, but the script is almost identical. The only noticable differences (1) the cast (which isn't entirely new since Peter Dinklage plays the "vertically challenged person" in both films) and (2) the 'dumbing down' of the humor by adding racial remarks (as shown in the trailer by the "Jackie Chan" reference and the "Let me get this straight: our dad was 'bromantically' involved with a guy that could fit in his pocket, and you're mad because he's white?" quip).

I intend to boycott this movie, who's with me?

Mushroom Madness 2

2010-03-31 16:40:07 by BeneFedaykin

Just beat Mushroom Madness 2 and since there are no NewGrounds achievements I thought I would post the proof of my labours. I guess I might as well review it as well since I'm here...

Graphics: 4 / 5

The graphics and artwork were about what you would come to expect for this sort of game. The reason it got a 4 rather than a 3 rating here was due to the way the trees shed their leaves as their health decreases. It was a nice touch I think.

Sound: 1 / 5

The music for this game was wierd. It wasn't particularly bad, but it didn't fit the game at all. Something a little more classical would have fit the atmosphere a lot better I think, as opposed to the jazzy elevator music the game currently contains.

Design: 4 / 5

Not much to report here. The game was without bugs as far as I can see and the overall design was good. Mushroom Madness 2 lost a point here because the upgrade/money system left me with thousands of dollars to spend in the last twenty levels or so, and nothing to spend it on.

Difficulty: 3 / 5

The game starts off very, very easy, but by the end its actually quite difficult. There is next to no strategy involved, so it loses some points there, and in the end the game resorts into a click-fest. I think I may have destroyed my mouse with the last level of adventure mode.

Fun: 2 / 5

The game can get quite monotonous at times, since all the levels add up to roughly the same thing. Also, the levels often choose you weapons for you, so you rarely ever see that club or mace you've been upgrading too. Still, its not a bad game overall. Give it a try.

Total: 2.8 / 5

An average score for an average game. If you've got time to waste, give it a try. If not, its probably best to give this one a miss.

Mushroom Madness 2

Peace Offering

2010-02-11 13:35:10 by BeneFedaykin

I promised Billy-Chops a peace offering, so here you go... The picture quality is crappy because it's only 50k...

Peace Offering

What would you do if you had $10,000,000,000?

2010-02-03 00:42:54 by BeneFedaykin

I've been watching "Eden of the East" for a day or two now (I'm on episode 9). It's an anime about a guy with no memory who finds out that he is one of 12 selected persons given 10 billion dollars to clean up Japan and make the world a better place. The money is stored on his phone which he can use at stores because they have phone scanners that work sort of like the smart chips in european credit cards. Alternatively - and far more usefully - he can call a woman named Juiz who has the ability to turn his commands into instant action (subtracting payment from his account of course).

There's a catch though, whoever out of the 12 does the most good gets to live, the rest are killed. Also, if you run out of cash you get eliminated, and if you don't use the money for a few days someone will kill you for that too. Harsh...

I couldn't help but wonder though what I'd do with 10 billion dollars (minus all that getting killed for not spending it stuff). I'd probably buy a cozy house in the country somewhere, complete with up to the minute tech, every videogame ever made, and a host of maids with one really cool butler dude (like batman's - hell, I'd probably hire Michael Cain himself [played alfred in the last two movies] just because he's that awesome). That would probably cost around a billion (maybe two) to sustain me for life. Speaking of sustenance, I'd get a chef too. Nobody too famous though (I should be the only one with an ego, lol).

Now that my selfishness has been taken care of, there's still probably 8 billion in the bank. I'd start a scholarship trust with a few million (because I'm in college and finding a scholarship is a bitch). Kids deserve an education. I'd buy a load of books to donate to libraries and schools too. Yeah!

I'd give a billion to cancer/HIV research because they should have figured that stuff out by now... I like to think that I'd toss a couple of hundred million Haiti's way as well (stupid earthquakes).

What the heck do you do with the 5-6 billion dollars left though? Buy an island? Buy the Moon and a rocket to take you there? 10 billion is a crazy amount of money. My mind can't even get itself around that number. Ten BILLION dollars. F*ck me... And now I'm thinking about how much a trillion is and how much the US national debt is now.....

Okay! Enough sad talk. What would you do NewGrounds? What would you do with $10,000,000,000?


2010-01-15 04:55:24 by BeneFedaykin

I've been looking at all the reviews I've made since starting my NG accout. Most of them are rated "Helpful" but there are a few which are being fought over or have been rated "Unhelpful". On closer inspection it seems like all my "Unhelpfuls" are negative reviews. I get the feeling that a lot of people don't critique the reviews based on the review itself, but on whether or not they agree with the score given. How many people rate down 1-5 score reviews after giving a game a 10 in their own review? I'm sure its common practice...

I don't pull my punches when I review things. If it's good, I'll tell you and I'll tell you why. The same goes for if the flash is bad. If it is clearly a person who is new to flash then I try to give them tips on how to make it better without actually saying if I like it or not (often first works are pretty terrible - just look at my own). I think that's fair.

That's my rant,


Bubble Tank TD Tower Prices

2010-01-07 23:36:32 by BeneFedaykin

I've taken the time to write down the prices for each tower in Bubble Tanks TD. It's not a very good game, so don't bother playing it...

Anyway... the number in parenthesis is the combined price of all the towers to get to that point.

Basic Normal - 18
Area Burst - 35
Basic Anti-Ghost - 20
Basic Damage Boost - 40

_Normal 2 - 32
_MG - 40
_Splash - 50
___Normal 3 - 90
_____Sniper Tower - 225 (365)
___MG 2 - 100
_____MG 3 - 190 (348)
___Splash 2 - 115
_____Splash 3 - 250 (433)

_Slow Burst - 35
_Area Weaken - 80
_Area Burst 2 - 50
___Slow Burst 2 - 90
_____Slow Burst 3 - 180 (340)
___Area Weaken 2 - 130
_____Area Weaken 3 - 220 (465)
___Area Burst 3 - 115
_____Area Burst 4 - 350 (550)

_Anti-Ghost 2 - 40
_Ghost Splash - 50
___Anti-Ghost 3 - 100
_____Anti-Ghost 4 - 250 (410)
___Ghost Splash 2 -130
_____Ghost Splash 3 - 325 (525)

_Damage Boost 2 - 50
_Range Boost - 40
_Fire Rate Boost - 60
___Damage Boost 3 - 90
_____Damage Boost 4 - 190 (370)
___Range Boost 2 - 75
_____Range Boost 3 - 175 (330)
___Fire Rate Boost 2 - 115
_____Fire Rate Boost 3 - 225 (440)

Be aware that, even though it's easier to afford a Mega Tower with the cheapest option, Mega Tower stats (price, damage, range, and reload) all depend on what towers where used to build it. You can't go wrong with a sniper, machinegun combo though :3

Happy New Year

2010-01-01 02:42:08 by BeneFedaykin

Full speed ahead for the New Year and the new dacade it brings with it...

Happy New Year